Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lower 80% Complete - Other Updates

Well, you can probably tell what is about to happen by the looks of this picture.  Yep!  I received my lower parts kit from CORE15 Rifle Systems. The parts where the hammer, trigger, and disconnector make contact are all polished to a very smooth almost mirror finish.  It reminds me of the fluff and buff job I did on my old Ruger SR9 before I sold it.  After smoothing up the sear and disconnector, it operated so much more smoothly.  However, the difference between my dremel polish job and this one is that the CORE15 job looks really nice and professionally done.  It's the kind of thing you expect when you pay good money for a LPK that isn't a $60 collection of spare and oddball parts.  CORE15 claims their stuff is "mil-spec."  Yeah, okay, whatever.  But the construction of the individual pieces are well done.

The lower parts kit went together smoothly.  I didn't run into any more or less hiccups than the average person does when putting this kit together.  At present, it's 80% complete.  I still need a buffer tube and buffer, which I'll order next.  That should complete the lower half of this rifle.  Then it's on to the upper components.

All together now, sans the buffer tube, spring, and stock.  Since this is an SPR interpretation, I'm still on the fence about getting a full size stock or just getting a Magpul CTR and calling it a day.  The CTR weighs the least of all of them and because it gets nice and short, my wife can run the trigger on an AR-15 without issue.    Notice the CORE15 enhanced trigger guard.  I opted for the slotted one.  It looks cool, and probably saved me a micro ounce of weight.  I'm being farcical there.  But in all seriousness, every bit helps.  For the grip, I have a Magpul MOE with the rubberized grip area.  I'm not sure if I like it yet, but we'll see.

The trigger breaks really clean.  It's smooth, with no grittiness.  On my trigger pull scale, I measured 4.25 lbs consistently before the break.  Not bad.  There is a little bit of take-up, but as I've said, it's a very smooth take-up, and it's not very long.  The safety is stiff, but that's fine.  I'm not pulling that.  Besides, my safety is between my ears.

I wanted to see how tight the upper and lower receiver are, so I put it on.  No wiggle whatsoever.  It locks up nice and tight.  The lower does have a screw that you crank down to tighten the upper to the lower.  I may end up reefing it down, but I'll probably just leave it in there loose since it won't go anywhere.

In other news, I couldn't use the gas block that came with the barrel, so I pitched it in favor of this.  Damage Industries is selling these low profile gas blocks for the Mark 12 barrels.  I went ahead and snatched one up while it was in stock.  It's getting harder and harder to find parts for these guns.  I am having a helluva time locating a bolt carrier group that's worth a damn.  Even at that, the junk ones are out of this world expensive right now.  Still, I'm on the hunt.  The next major purchase I make will be a bolt carrier group.  After all, the rifle won't do me much good without it.

Here's the bottom of the gas block.  The Mark 12 barrels have two little divots at the bottom for set screws to fall into.  Believe me, when I send these home for good, I'm getting the best Loc-tite I can find.  At that, I still need a rifle length gas tube and roll pin to help complete the upper assembly.  As the barrel is heavy, I'm watching my weight very closely.  I don't want to get too crazy with accessories, rails, and junk.  Because of the way this rifle will be used, I don't need a permanently mounted flashlight, so that will help in the weight department.  The light I intend to run, when needed, is an Inforce WML, like I have on my shotgun.  It's very light and plenty bright.

Until Next Update.


Friday, March 8, 2013

Finally Got a Barrel

I found a barrel.  It's been insane trying to fine a suitable AR15 barrel, especially after all this crap about another "assault weapons ban."  After thinking hard about what profile I wanted, I decided that in terms of a barrel, heavier is better.  Since it will be a longer range gun, I want as little point of impact differential during sustained fire as possible.  Of course, with a heavier barrel, it means I will have to really watch the ounces for everything else I put on this weapon, starting with the gas block.  That big chunk of metal has been removed.

The barrel is a DPMS Mark 12 18" SPR barrel.  While it doesn't have the pedigree of other more established barrel manufacturers, DPMS maintains a solid reputation in the AR market, and this barrel will suit me just fine.  The rifling is a 1:8 twist, which is a good compromise between 1:7 and 1:9, and should get me pretty good accuracy with off-the-shelf ammunition.  Weighing in a 2.65 lbs, it ain't no lightweight.  You can see, however, that the profile is stepped down toward the muzzle end, which will help keep the balance more toward the center of the rifle.  Because I am working to keep the weight down as much as possible, I'm researching some really lightweight muzzle devices.  I'm also looking at rails to find one as long as needed to cover the Damage Industries low profile MK12 gas block, but be light as possible.

Also on order is a lower parts kit that I was able to find.  It's mil spec, or at least the company claims it is.  Either way, I'm eventually going to put a better two stage trigger in the weapon.  But I needed to get the LPK to get the dang thing to start looking more like a gun - not a lower receiver.

Stay tuned.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

OH Mega - Back On Track

OH Mega is back on track.  I received the upper receiver in December, 2012.  Since then, it has sit in the package, tucked safely away from Dianne Feinstein and her cronies.  Since I have finished three other gun projects, with my Ruger SR556 being completed yesterday, I have switched gears and will now be focusing on OH Mega.

My intent for this weapon is to be a lightweight AR, loosely based around the MK 12 SPR concept.  This rifle will share some similarities with the military SPR rifle, such as an 18" barrel and scope, but that's where the similarities will end.  Everything else, from the trigger, stock, rail, etc will be fine tuned to my specifications, and will depart from the limitations of the US military.  What it will end up being is a weapon with the capabilities of the military rifle with the personal touches that will make it my own, and it will be classy.  While the end product has yet to be seen, my vision is there.  If there is one thing I can say, it's that this rifle won't be black.


Mega Lower Receiver: M0200 Gator Model; Caliber: Multi
Mega Upper Receiver: M0017 with M4 Feed Ramps

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mega Issues

Well, my Mega upper is on the way.  It'll be three to four months before I see it though.  In the meantime, I'm going to get that lower fully assembled and look into a barrel.

And yes, I'm settled in, sort of, and the new job is secure.  So the money is flowing again.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Stalled - Not Dead

Okay, I know it has been awhile since I have posted anything on this project.  I received a comment question on my other blog asking about an update to this project, or if it was dead.  This project isn't dead; it's stalled.  Right now, my family and I are in the process of relocating from Washington State to Utah, and every spare dollar, bit of time, and efforts have been put into that.  So, the project is on the back burner, but will resume after we get settled in and my new job is secure. 


Saturday, March 24, 2012

It Starts

This is the Mega lower receiver.  As you can see, I bought it stripped.  Right now, I'm looking at different companies to source a high quality lower parts kit for it.



This is where I'm going to stash pics of my Mega Arms AR-15 build.  The title of the blog is appropriately named Oh-Mega.